iasWorld CAMA

Public Requests for Information

Respond to your constituents with high-quality interactions.

Increase the quality of your jurisdiction's customer service with iasWorld Respond, an add-on feature for your iasWorld CAMA system. Featuring integrated data, processes and messaging, this Web-based system gives you the power to proactively manage public requests for information.

iasWorld Respond features:

  • A messaging framework to control client correspondence and workflow task assignments.
  • Configuration flexibility for easy user management of e-mail correspondence.
  • Event-driven notification and task queuing.
  • A library of e-mail reply templates for answering common inquiries quickly, accurately and consistently.

With Respond, you can:

  • Log, report and respond to events relating to property assessment accounts.
  • Access past year records.
  • Manage events or incidents initiated by phone, over the counter or via your jurisdiction’s website.
  • Integrate with interactive voice response systems.
  • Collaborate with third-party call centers.

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