Tax Extension

iasWorld CAMA

iasWorld Tax Extension

Add-on feature handles all your tax needs.

Simplify daily tasks with iasWorld Tax Extension. From calculating property taxes to producing and mailing tax bills, this add-on feature uses values generated in iasWorld CAMA to automatically calculate and post taxes and related charges for each property in your jurisdiction.

With iasWorld Tax Extension, you can:

  • Maintain a variety of tax rate structures.
  • Calculate property taxes and charges by batch or individual processing.
  • Generate tax bills in real time for as-needed printing or batch process bills for mass distribution.
  • Maintain owner mailing information, including multiple owners and mailing addresses for a single property.
  • Automatically or manually perform adjustments to tax charges due to value changes, fee adjustments, rate changes and other requirements.
  • Reverse or redistribute tax payments based on adjustments.

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