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Standard Features of iasWorld CAMA

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Part of Tyler's complete iasWorld appraisal & property tax solution, iasWorld CAMA is a powerful, comprehensive and accurate system for managing property assessment data, generating property values, and ensuring fair and equitable property taxation.

With iasWorld CAMA you can:

  • Develop property value estimates using comprehensive property data.
  • Set values for land, residential and commercial properties, condominiums and other types of properties.
  • View property valuation estimates based on the three approaches to value on one screen and choose which method of valuation to apply to the parcel.
  • Classify properties, land and improvements to determine assessed values used to calculate taxes.
  • Maintain and apply income models to income-producing property in different geographic areas.
  • Use constrained multiple regression analysis (MRA) modeling for easy valuation in areas where sales data is missing.
  • Draw complex property sketches using your mouse or vector codes.

iasWorld fully integrates with third-party mapping and aerial photography vendors, including Pictometry® and ESRI®, ensuring you always have access to accurate property data, maps and images.

Three Approaches to Value

iasWorld CAMA includes valuation tables and algorithms that support the three approaches to value — cost, sales comparison and income — as well as Marshall & Swift® building cost data. Our methodology is developed based on Tyler’s more than 75-year history in the appraisal and tax software market. The result: fair, uniform and equitable market values.

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