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Improving Efficiencies with iasWorld

iasWorld provides the tools every assessment and tax professional needs to efficiently run their office.

Easy Data Management

Quickly add, update, delete, and search comprehensive property record information from one system. Data is entered or modified once and is automatically dispersed throughout the system. Role-based dashboards provide a high level overview of key performance indicators (KPIs), currently assigned tasks, items requiring action and status summaries for complete task management.

iasWorld also features:

  • Intuitive user interface screens built in a standard Web browser format for simplified data entry and maintenance.
  • Unlimited storage of current, historical and archived records.
  • Integration of all data types, sketches and third party data.
  • Customized, role-based data entry forms.
  • Integrated multi-year processing for performing splits and appraisals ahead of time and for developing different cost tables for different years.
  • Electronic document management for storing parcel-related photos, scanned documents, Microsoft® Word documents and forms.
  • Basic to advanced search options.
  • Automatic data validation.
  • GPS location data gathering through Field Mobile

Advanced Workflow

Seamless integration between iasWorld and the Microsoft Windows® Workflow Foundation engine provides powerful, event-driven, enterprise-oriented workflow. Triggered automatically by actions in the database, iasWorld workflow helps you automate the flow of approvals, notifications and tasks. Workflow processes — from single user to multi user and/or multi agency — are automatically triggered actions in the database. A complete audit trail is generated for each process for easy analysis of workflow performance.

Using the iasWorld Activity Center you can:

  • Configure processes.
  • Assign, schedule and track tasks.
  • Manage task loads.
  • Monitor productivity.
  • Generate resource and user productivity reports.

Complete Data Analysis

iasWorld supports complete data analysis: property comparison and statistical analysis; market-based valuation, including multiple regression analysis and market factor adjustments; and ratio analysis.

  • Property records are configured with many attributes (type, class, condition, age, sq. ft.) for easy stratification and analysis.
  • Records can be viewed or printed as charts, graphs or tables.
  • Users without statistical or GIS software experience can view industry statistical measures and graphical representations of data sets.
  • Users can conduct analysis scenarios and move between tabular, graphical and map representations of data.

Full Reporting

iasWorld offers more than 1,000 template Oracle® reports; specialized application reports; and ad hoc and customizable reports that include integrated views across more than one data area. Many iasWorld reports easily incorporate third party data and detailed maps.

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