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iasWorld Tax Billing & Collection Additional Features

iasWorld Tax Billing & Collection additional features extend the use of your tax billing and collection system. These powerful tools integrate fully with your core iasWorld software meaning information is pulled directly from the iasWorld database and all actions are linked back to iasWorld property records. Duplicate records are eliminated and jurisdictions’ maintain one central location for important tax billing and collection data.

Streamline Delinquent Tax Collection

Streamline the process of delinquent tax collection with iasWorld Delinquent Tax. Maintain and administer delinquent property tax accounts. View full delinquent payment and contract plan histories for a parcel. Set up payment contract plans for one or multiple parcels. And track and maintain functions such as payment processes, calculation of interest, bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Provide Citizens Online Access to Pay Property Tax Bills

iasWorld Pay is a complete Web-based public access and payment processing feature for property tax or delinquent tax payments. A secured website customizable to your jurisdiction provides taxpayers with an easy way to search for and access property records, maps, images and reports, and pay property tax bills via any computer connected to the Internet.

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