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Incode — Enterprise Financial Management and Workflow Software

Transform complex financial tasks and processes into a centralized workflow.

This Incode ERP solution empowers your organiziaton to do more with fewer resources by making daily financial management tasks easier and more efficient. With Incode Financial Management software, you can access tasks and data through intuitive workspaces and user-defined dashboards that deliver the precise information you need — when you need it.

Meanwhile, the modular structure of Incode financial management software products allows demographic and financial information to automatically populate throughout the Incode platform. This real-time information sharing is strictly controlled according to your specifications. By sharing in real time, you can eliminate redundant data entry and reduce the chances of human error, while providing accurate information to staff on command.

Financial Management Solution

  • Through user-friendly workspaces, administrators can customize their processing experience based on their individual roles.
  • Efficient workflow capabilities are user-defined and customized to your organization’s business rules, systematic review process and notification procedures.
  • You can pick-and-choose the Incode modules that fit your needs and budget.
  • Complete integration encourages efficient processing, information sharing between departments, and elimination of excessive data entry.
  • Extensive querying and built-in reporting capabilities allow standard and custom reporting, drill down dynamic data and automatic report generation for detail analysis, budget comparisons, transaction auditing and much more.

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