Incode for Schools

Incode Financial Management for Schools

Incode Financial & Personnel Management Software for K-12 Schools

Everything you need for comprehensive, integrated financial and personnel management.

Incode empowers you to do more with fewer resources by making daily financial and personnel management tasks easier and more efficient. And integration instantly delivers added value. Seamless system-wide module integration between Incode Financial Management and Personnel Management allows fine-tuned processing and data-sharing between departments. This increases worker efficiency by eliminating duplicated tasks and reducing data entry, which in turn allows your staff to do more with fewer resources.

Incode Financial Managment

You can access tasks and data through intuitive workspaces and user-defined dashboards that deliver the precise information you need — when you need it. The modular structure of the financial management product allows demographic and financial information to automatically populate throughout the Incode platform. This real-time information sharing is strictly controlled according to your specifications. By sharing in real time, you can eliminate redundant data entry and reduce the chances of human error, while providing accurate information to staff on command.

Incode Personnel Management

Streamline and automate personnel-related processes, data and tasks in your school district with Incode Personnel Management software, an expansive solution that incorporates all the attributes of a dynamic payroll application and comprehensive human resources software.

  • A single centralized system maintains employees and related data through their personnel life-cycle, including application, hiring, career planning, payroll, benefits, reviews, and termination
  • User-friendly workspaces and dashboards allow payroll and human resource staff to customize their processing experience based on their individual roles
  • Role-based workflow is customized throughout all modules for user-defined processes for personnel review and approvals
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allows users to create standard and custom reporting, drill-down dynamic data and automatically generate reports for worker's compensation, insurance, tax and FICA requirements
  • Microsoft integration streamlines form and letter generation, as well as workflow notifications through Microsoft Outlook.

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