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You can cut labor costs and increase employee productivity with integrated enterprise workforce management software solutions. 
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Incode Personnel Management Suite

Intelligent, comprehensive and action-oriented personnel management.

Streamline and automate personnel-related processes, data and tasks with Incode Personnel Management software. This feature-rich human resources and payroll solution makes it easy to share information across the Incode platform.

Incode Personnel Management incorporates all the attributes of a dynamic payroll application and comprehensive human resources software.

  • A single centralized system maintains employees and related data through their personnel life-cycle, including application, hiring, career planning, payroll, benefits, reviews, and termination.
  • User-friendly workspaces and dashboards allow payroll and human resource staff to customize their processing experience based on their individual roles.
  • Role-based workflow is customized throughout all modules for user-defined processes for personnel review and approvals.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allows users to create standard and custom reporting, drill-down dynamic data and automatically generate reports for worker’s compensation, insurance, tax and FICA requirements.
  • Microsoft integration streamlines form and letter generation, as well as workflow notifications through Microsoft Outlook.

Incode integration instantly delivers added value. Seamless system-wide module integration with Incode financial applications allows fine-tuned processing and data-sharing between departments. This increases worker efficiency by eliminating duplicated tasks and reducing data entry, which in turn allows your staff to do more with fewer resources.

  • Incode Financials — Access all core financial functionality, including position budgeting, payroll accounts payable and bank reconciliation.
  • Employee Self-Service — A web-based portal that enables employees to view personnel-related activities including leave accruals and requests.
  • Time and Attendance —Enable your staff to request, approve and submit time through a Web-based portal, while workflow processes control approvals and push data to the payroll and project accounting modules.
  • Output Processor — Batch or individually process payroll for electronic distribution, including payroll stubs and HR announcements .
  • Tyler Content Manager — Create a paperless environment in your office through electronic documents, photos and files for archiving, search and retrieval.
  • Secure Signatures and Secure Forms Overlay — Securely and conveniently process payroll checks by automatically including encrypted signatures, MICR coding, logos, and stub data for electronic generation.

Incode Personnel Management simplifies:

  • Position Control and Budgeting
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Payroll Processing
  • Benefits Administration
  • Time Entry
  • Leave Tracking
  • Accident and Injury Claims
  • Training and Certification
  • Reviews and Evaluations

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