Service Orders

Incode Service Orders

Incode Service Orders

Keeping your citizens happy and your operations efficient

When you hear from a citizen, it is because they need something. Incode Service Orders controls changes and updates to citizens’ utility accounts giving you control to:

  • Initiate, modify or discontinue service
  • Swap Meters
  • Transfer Occupants
  • Check for pending orders to prevent duplication

Service Orders is user friendly giving you the ability to quickly and easily search for a service order by a wide variety of parameters, generate status, statistics, and staff reports, and generate service orders from meter reading trouble codes.

Service Orders is fully integrated with the Incode Utility Billing Module eliminating data duplication and reducing human error. Service Orders also integrates with the Meter Reading Module and the Incode Work Order System to enter and maintain labor hours, material costs, and equipment usages against issued work orders.