Utility Billing Online

Incode Utility Billing Online Solutions

Incode Utility Billing Online

Offer 24/7 online access to accounts and payment options

With Incode Utility Billing Online, the public can access their utility information and pay bills via the Internet. This application is fully integrated with Incode Utility Billing ensuring accurate information, eliminating time-consuming batching processes and delivering real-time data. Through secured and non-secured areas, the public can view bill due date, payment history, current balances, deposits on file and consumption history by service. Agencies can even add features that allow service requests. 

Incode Utility Billing Online reduces phone inquiries, increases staff efficiencies and offers citizens 24/7 access and payment opportunities. Harness the power of Web-based services to more efficiently handle tasks for you:

  • Extend business hours — Provide convenient 24-hour access.
  • Alleviate routine requests — Give citizens access to frequently requested information.
  • Create efficiency — Deliver up-to-date data while reducing paper usage.
  • Save citizens time — Citizens can access information directly.
  • Reduce carbon emissions — Citizens no longer have to come to your office for services.

Incode Utility Billing Online allows you to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness while creating data and process consistency.