Court Benefits

Incode Municipal Court Software Benefits

Benefits of Using Incode Municipal Court Software

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your court — instantly.

Tyler's Incode Municipal Court Software system is specifically designed with the type of benefits to ensure your court moves forward as securely, effectively and efficiently as possible — every day.

Automated Processing

Wouldn't it be nice to come into the court every morning to find all your cases updated —and warrants, courtesy notices, show cause orders and other documents ready to print? With Incode Municipal Court Software's automated processing, your day just got a whole lot simpler.

  • Maintain consistent rules and workflow for court dates, fines, judgments, print documents, and more.
  • Eliminate tracking cases that need a warrant. Our automated warrant process issues warrants on cases meeting your criteria, automatically increasing fines and adding fees.

Reduce or Eliminate Manual Labor

Tyler Content Manager enables you to go paperless with integrated document processing. You can eliminate hours of manual labor while streamlining daily filing, retrieving, copying, and producing paper.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait-time at the window.
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your court when you no longer have to transport files into the courtroom and re-file cases.
  • Pull paper case files for trial and allow judges and clerks to view documents simultaneously — allowing the court to get more done with fewer resources.

Streamline Your Workflow (and "Courtflow")!

The Control Center provides a single at-a-glance view of court activities. At the same time, Incode provides a true, live courtroom docket based on your court rules to create a smooth, continuous "courtflow."

  • Flexibly drill-down into cases directly from the Control Center to update and edit by batch or individually.
  • Access all the information you need right at your fingertips — obtain cases, view citations, process defendant records, change court dates and print letters and forms.
  • Update files automatically and on-the-fly — edit fees, amend cases, apply bonds, print documents, enter judgments — all from one screen without having to search for the case. A disposition view is based on specific cases and eliminates the need to search violators during or after court to update files.

Integrate Financial, Collections and Payments

A complete financial and collection system is integrated into the court software. It can support a variety of payment scenarios, including partial payments, payment plans or multiple payments on one receipt. Cash, surety and PR bonds, as well as jail and community service credit, can all be managed through the payment system.

  • Make payment processing easy to manage from within the system and communicate payment information throughout all Incode modules, automatically.
  • Utilize user-defined fees, which can be adjusted when payments are entered.
  • Eliminate additional financial processing through a direct integration with all Tyler General Ledger applications.

Customize Reporting and Analysis

More than 80 standard reports are built into the court system, including all state-mandated reports, reports for dockets, warrants, officers, offenses, racial profiling, statistical and many more.

  • Easily create the exact reports you need with a drag-and-drop Report Writer to create an unlimited number of custom reports on the fly.
  • Save reports as templates, or use them as one-time exports — all without a third party tool.