Incode Jury Software

Simplify the Jury Management Process

Ensure your courts operate efficiently while delivering first rate service

Incode Jury simplifies the jury selection and court management process. Many functions are reduced to a click of a mouse, while others can be handled quickly or even automated through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. From easily searching, creating and managing a list of eligible jurors to entering updates, maintaining exemptions and providing an efficient check-in process, the entire jury selection process is handled by one system.

The jury management system is preconfigured with all local, state and federal requirements for selecting jurors. Additionally, the software is easy to customize to your local requirements so your staff can access the right information at the right time, rendering records both well-organized and immediately actionable.

Finally, our jury software solution integrates with Incode Municipal Court allowing automatic sharing of data between systems while tracking and managing jury fees via Tyler's financial applications.

Effective jury management provides the foundation for smooth courtroom operations. Court staff cannot allow inefficiency to interrupt the flow of business at the court. Rely on Incode Jury for the smoothest, easiest experience available in the marketplace today.

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