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Innovation from end to end.

Incode enables you to serve — and satisfy — more people with less effort. From public officials and IT staff to office users and citizens, every group interacts with Incode technology in a unique way. That's why we specifically designed Incode with a high degree of flexibility — to meet a variety of changing needs. And because we're continually updating Incode's functionality, it can grow and evolve over time so you get the most out of your investment.

For users, Incode software offers a straightforward, intuitive interface that makes using the extensive functionality a snap. Personal dashboards are easily customized to fit the user's unique role and work needs.

For IT staff, the Incode software architecture leverages advances in IT technology to deliver industry-leading flexibility, scalability and straightforward installations and maintenance, all while protecting your investment in IT software.

For the public, Incode enables prompt and efficient value-added services by simplifying and streamlining workflow — giving citizens easy access to important information.

Harness the Power of Incode

  • Built with .NET technology from the ground up, from the user interface to database structure.
  • Smart Client technology merges the high performance of a rich-client with thin-client manageability, which allows intelligent deployment while reducing the burden of installation.
  • Offers the widest breadth of integrated applications for local government agencies — including financial management, personnel, citizen services, courts and public safety.
  • Integrated eGovernment solutions provide real-time interaction with the public through Web portals to share information and access account or billing processes.
  • Workspaces and dashboards customize the user's navigation, information access and workflow experience based on the individual role, process and work needs.
  • Built-in auditing capabilities track all transactional processes and updates and allow dynamic data in queried reports to be drilled down into for analysis, to be exported or printed.
  • Role-based workflow is customized throughout all modules, allowing user-defined processes for review and approvals — as well as messaging or integration with Microsoft Outlook for notification.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities allow standard and custom reporting, drill-down dynamic data, automatic report generation and delivery, and dozens of export, print and analysis options.

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