Incode Public Safety Dashboards

Incode Public Safety Dashboards

Operate effectively and efficiently, with Incode Public Safety dashboards

Just as a car dashboard houses all the necessary information you need to operate your vehicle, Incode Public Safety dashboards offer you the information you need to do your job. Configure your dashboard to specifically feature the resources, data and functionality that you need to do your job more effectively and impact your community.

Two different dashboards place the information you need at your fingertips. With the reporting view, you’ll be able to display report information in an easy-to-read format, while crime view gives you a location-based snapshot of activity.

Reporting View

  • Role-based configuration allows you to build your dashboard according to the information and resources you need access to.
  • Build and define workflow processes and alerts for incident and case management assignments.
  • Build templates and create unique views to configure reports the way you need them.

Crime View

  • View a snapshot of current activity through the use of interactive maps, charts and reports.
  • Allocate resources where they are needed most with the activity hot sheet.
  • Analyze emerging crime trends with a location-based view to allow for more proactive policing.