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Incode Public Safety iPad App

Incode Public Safety iPad App

Put real-time data in the hands of first responders

The Incode Public Safety iPad® app raises the standard for situation awareness and officer safety. Saving more than just seconds, this game-changing app delivers mission-critical Mobile CAD and RMS functionality. The result? First responders can make better decisions and communicate more effectively in the field.

What Clients Say

We put pen to paper and discovered that switching to iPads would be very cost effective and save the agency a lot of money. The equipment is cheaper and the functionality is better than remote desktops.

Mike Raute, IT Director, City of Boerne, Texas

Learn more about how the City of Boerne made the switch »

Watch the video to learn how Boerne used mobile technology to increase response times, decrease technology costs and help keep the officers and the community they serve safer.


Flexible Mobile CAD Functionality

  • Unrestricted mobility
  • Familiar touch and swipe features for a rich user experience
  • Application linked to dispatcher
  • View real-time data as it is input by dispatch
  • Situation data relayed through screen eliminates need for first responder and dispatcher to verbally communicate during incidents
  • Robust messaging and chatting features
  • With just the touch of the screen, first responders can notify the dispatcher they are enroute
  • The latest weapon in emergency response

Incode Public Safety iPad App

Convenient Records Integration

  • Check for warrants
  • Generate case number
  • Conduct house checks
  • Upload evidence documents to media database
  • Complete and submit incident reports

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