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Infinite Visions Technology Platform

The Infinite Visions product suite is an enterprise-level, fully integrated suite of applications that offers a flexible platform implemented as a highly scalable centralized application server model. Our technology platform includes a centralized database, consistent user interface and web-based technology. Sensitive data is secure, and all district employees have secure, role-based functionality.

Microsoft SQL Server is the business world's leading database technology and is known for its outstanding ROI, scalability, security, developer productivity, and tight integration with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Our software is built on native Microsoft server technology, the Microsoft SQL Server database, Windows file and application server, and .NET Web portals. With our SQL server and application server environment, our solution can easily grow as you grow.

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We believe the strength of this system is its customizable features, and it stood out among the competitors.

Mark Share,
Director of Technology,
Kyrene Schools, Arizona

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