Personnel Management

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Personnel Management

Keep the focus on your district’s most important resources — your people — with Infinite Visions’ fully integrated Personnel Management software. This means you can manage your entire employee life-cycle without compromising compliance or control.

High-performance functionality let’s your team efficiently streamline the district's personnel and payroll processes, hire and retain qualified, talented teachers, and easily manage the accompanying managerial tasks. And, with the iVisions web portal employee self-services, all district employees can work and communicate more efficiently.

Infinite Visions Personnel Management Applications

Paperless Position Control

Infinite Visions Paperless Position Control Relay Infographic

Tyler’s Infinite Visions financial and personnel management product suite brings all of your data into one place to manage your positions and corresponding full-time equivalents (FTEs). Download the Paperless Position Control Relay infographic to learn more »

The HR people and the Accounting people are finally able to agree on the number of employees we have and the number of open positions …

Leslie Smith, Assistant Superintendent
of Financial Operations,
Roswell ISD, New Mexico

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