Modria Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for Courts

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A Complete ODR Solution

Modria Feature Comparison ChartModria helps citizens prevent, manage, and resolve their disputes with the most sophisticated set of features in the industry.

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Expanding Access to Justice with Online Dispute Resolution

Delivering fast and fair resolutions to disputes of any type and at any volume

Ever increasing court case backlog. Strict budgets and fewer resources. Slow time to resolution. Sound familiar? While your court struggles with these challenges, the public is looking for easier, faster, and less expensive ways to solve minor disputes.
This is where Modria comes in.

Modria is an online dispute resolution solution that provides your court with out-of-the-box resolution flows to automatically resolve the most common — and historically time-consuming — disputes (e.g., debt, landlord/tenant, small claims, etc.). Modria is capable of handling all manner and volume of cases, from simple debt cases to complex child custody cases.

Traditional and ODR Case Lifecycles

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How Modria Got Its Start

Modria is a proven, scalable solution, designed by the team that pioneered online dispute resolution at eBay and PayPal helping them solve more than 400 million cases. Learn more about Modria’s beginnings »


Put Modria to Work in Your Court

Modria has successfully handled more than a million cases in the United States and around the world.

  • Reduce time to resolution by 50% or more
  • Reduce case backlogs
  • Increases public satisfaction and engagement

What is ODR?

Online dispute resolution (ODR) combines the social science of alternative dispute resolution with powerful, pre-built workflows and sophisticated communications technology to help parties resolve their own disputes.