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Odyssey Integration

By integrating Modria with Odyssey®, we are making it easier for people to achieve fast and fair resolutions for a variety of case types. This integration creates a seamless experience for judges, court staff, attorneys, and the public.

How Modria Got
Its Start

Modria is a proven, scalable solution, designed by the team that pioneered online dispute resolution at eBay and PayPal helping them solve more than 400 million cases.
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All the Tools You Need for Online Dispute Resolution

Modria offers all the functionality, workflows, and communications tools necessary to build any kind of resolution, from simple debt disputes to complex family and custody cases.

With Modria, users get a quick diagnosis of their situation, which helps them decide whether to proceed with the case. If they decide to move forward, Modria collects the necessary filing information and opens an online dialogue between parties to facilitate a mutually agreed upon resolution via direct negotiation. Should the parties find they are unable to resolve the issue, either may request the case be escalated to a mediator or an arbitrator.

Modria’s intuitive user experience and powerful workflow tools are designed to resolve issues in a fast and efficient manner, with a fair and transparent process for all participants.

Quick & Secure Case Resolution

Modria Online Dispute WorkflowModria is purpose-built for online dispute resolution, leading parties step-by-step through an online process to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.

  1. Diagnose the issue by gathering relevant information.
  2. Enable an online negotiation between the parties.
  3. Provide access to mediation if needed.
  4. Refer the case for an evaluation.

You can provide customized resolution flows for each individual kind of dispute. Resolution flows are backed by a security certified, API-enabled case management system with an integrated rule engine and document management/generation capabilities.

Cloud-based ODR Solution

Tyler Cloud-Based solutionsModria combines dispute resolution best practices with powerful workflows and sophisticated communication technologies to deliver fast and fair resolutions to all manner of case types, from simple debt cases to complicated child custody cases.

  • Built-in, persistent chat available for the life of the dispute; no more restarting conversations
  • Document and email templates easily customizable for your needs
  • Pre-built resolution flows make set up for your court effortless
  • Support for mediation and evaluation so you can bring in neutral parties to facilitate or decide an issue
  • Out-of-the-box resolution flows for the most common and time-consuming disputes — debt, landlord/tenant, small claims, divorce, custody, etc.
  • Real-time dashboards, pre-configured reports and data export options help you stay on top of your caseload