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Simplify the Reporting Process with Munis Central Programs

Enjoy single-click access to your essential data.

Our robust suite of Central Programs helps minimize the number of screens and locations from which you pull your essential financial information — saving you valuable time.

Based on Microsoft® Silverlight® and .NET technology, Munis Central Programs provide single-click access to relevant and stored data. Authorized users can get a quick snapshot of all the related information stored on an employee, account, vendor and more — providing a 360-degree view of all the available information in the .NET database.

Munis Central Programs are also fully customizable, enabling you to choose which fields of information are visible, as well as organize the locations of panels on the screen. You can also view overviews of key information, charts and graphs for visual representations of data and detailed records.

Munis Central Programs contain powerful tools for ease of use, including:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy data organization.
  • Simple and advanced search options.
  • Links to detail programs and Munis applications.
  • Export functionality to Microsoft Excel®.
  • Descriptive tabs and information boxes.
  • Hover functionality for quick summaries.
  • Maps rendering down to street view for address and direction details.
  • Integration with Tyler Content Manager for easy access to related photos, documents and attachments.

Budget Central

View comprehensive budget information. Customize graphs by account segment or position and choose what fields of data to display and for what year.

Customer Central

Access complete customer information, including general customer information, account summaries, billing and payment activity, alerts and more. Users can even enter a customer payment.

Employee Central

Managers and human resources representatives can access complete employee information — from general information and certifications to compensation details, accruals and more. Built-in “presence” functionality indicates if an employee appears to be at their desk. Users can initiate an e-mail, instant message or phone chat directly from Employee Central.

Expenditure Central

View complete expenditure information contained within Munis procurement applications. Generate a list of expenditures based on key field data and access details for each item on the list.

Inventory Central

Access complete information on inventory items, such as office supplies, vehicle maintenance supplies and textbooks. Check if an item is in stock, backordered or on its way.

Property Central

View complete property information, images and maps. Users can also view and update information in Munis for business licenses, permits, utility bills and tax information.

Utility Billing Central

A valuable tool for customer service representatives, users can view all utility billing account and customer information on an account, customer or bill level. Users can also access key areas of Munis Utility Billing CIS from this program.

Vendor Central

Designed for purchasing personnel, Vendor Central provides complete access to vendor information. Users can also e-mail the vendor or launch the vendor’s website directly from this central program.

Workflow Command Center

The Workflow Command Center provides complete virtualization of projects, tasks and folders. Users can view workflows in real time, monitor progress activity, identify lags or blockages , re-route to other users and access detailed information on any action or request.

Workforce Central

High-level administrators and human resource employees can access an overview of employees in order to analyze data and gauge the health of your workforce. View up-to-date numbers on headcount, open positions and more in a "tree map," box, graph or employee photos view. Apply reduction criteria to determine the impact of a reduction in staff. And use the compare view to evaluate employee or applicant skills and qualifications side-by-side.

Citizen Transparency
Designed to help you meet open government and transparency requirements, Tyler Citizen Transparency channels specific Munis financial data to your agency's website.
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Designed to work with Munis, Tyler CAFR Statement Builder simplifies the development of your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
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