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Designed specifically for the public sector, Tyler's Munis Financial Management suite of applications can handle every aspect of your accounting, budgeting and procurement. As a core component of our advanced enterprise resource planning software, it is specifically designed to work the way you do.

Key Munis Financials Features

  • Web-based access to Munis applications and your data.
  • Abridged, user-friendly views and access to data via the Role-Tailored Dashboard.
  • Powerful Central Programs, such as budget and expenditure centrals.
  • Seamless integration with other business systems for easy sharing of information.
  • Flexible, complete local, state and federal reporting that can be customized to your unique requirements and to address legislative changes.
  • Forecasting and analysis for accurate and successful strategic planning.
  • Complete integration with Tyler's electronic document management system.
  • Advanced role-based security.
  • Detailed audit trails.
  • Tyler CAFR Statement Builder, which walks you through the process of importing your data and generating adjustments required to report on a full-accrual basis.

And the Munis Financial Management solutions completely integrate with Munis Work Force Management and Munis Citizen Services and Revenues helping you further streamline processes throughout your organization.

  • True multi-fund accounting systems designed specifically for public sector.
  • Compliant with GAAFR and GAAP Standards.
  • Provides easy access to up-to-date and accurate data in real time.
  • Centralizes data and tools across the organization.
  • Reduces redundant data entry and creates a "single version of the truth".
  • Delivers strategic insight into financial processes.
  • Provides real-time visibility into budget compliance, deviations and variances.

At Tyler, we understand that your operations depend on accurate and reliable financial data. That's why the core business logic upon which our applications are built is proven, functionally mature and industry-specific. And it's why thousands of clients rely on Tyler Financial Management products to deliver accurate, transparent, and efficient financial operations — every day.

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Munis Cloud-Based Solutions

Tyler Cloud-Based Solutions Munis is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler remains committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or onsite. Our flexible approach allows us to respond to your needs while delivering the most efficient and secure products and services possible. Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.

Designed to work with Munis, Tyler CAFR Statement Builder simplifies the development of your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
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Citizen Transparency
Designed to help you meet open government and transparency requirements, Tyler Citizen Transparency channels specific Munis financial data to your agency's website.
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