Procurement Lifecycle

Munis Product Suite

Manage the Entire Procurement Lifecycle

Manage your processes from end to end.

Take your procurement management to the next level with Munis. With Munis you get an enhanced, fully integrated electronic purchasing system for managing the processes associated with requesting, reviewing, contracting and purchasing from vendors. From requisition to purchase, Munis Financial Management streamlines the entire procurement life-cycle.

Munis empowers you to handle every facet of your procurement lifecycle with precision and ease:

  • Requisition requests can be entered electronically and are automatically routed to the right person for approval.
  • Inventory is automatically reserved upon requisition.
  • Users can create and approve contracts for purchases and encumber the appropriate funds in advance, or can automatically turn awarded bids into contracts.
  • Bid documents are automatically created once the requisition is approved.
  • Users can generate a list of vendors or bids to select the most cost-effective option.
  • Awarded bids are automatically converted into purchase orders.
  • The system automatically confirms if a purchase is within budget during purchase order entry and updates the available budget accordingly.
  • Users can manage vendor invoices, track open payables, prepare pre-check registers, batch generate checks and maintain full vendor and expenditure history.
  • Vendors can manage bids and maintain business and contact information through Munis Vendor Self Service.
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