Simplified Budgeting


Simplified Budgeting

Tools for today — to plan for tomorrow.

Munis' financial planning and simplified budgeting tools give you everything you need to keep tabs on today’s budgets — and plan for tomorrow's. With Munis, you can effectively check transactions against budgets, run statistical data, link dollars to results and more in real time. Whether you work on an annual, biennial or even a 5-year capital budget, our advanced — yet easy-to-use — tools help you manage both existing and projected budgets.

With Munis simplified budgeting, you can:

  • Build files from prior year or average of years.
  • Create unlimited number of budget projections for up to 10 years forward.
  • Work in summary or detail views .
  • Define approval processes that fit your organization.
  • Use position and budget control to forecast the impact of future salary and benefit costs and contract proposals and to simulate changes to positions.
  • View dollars available after taking salary and benefit commitments into consideration through payroll encumbrances.
  • Use performance-based budgeting to create a budget that corresponds to your goals and mission, justify budgetary requests, maximize resources and more.