Munis Self Service

Munis Self Service

Munis Self Service — Provide Fast, Easy Access to Key Information and Essential Service

With Munis Self Service Solutions, employees, citizens and vendors can gain fast and easy access to important information and services — anytime and from anywhere. Using a Web-based interface, Munis Self Service applications actively extract information directly from your Munis database and make it available in real time from any computer with a secure Internet connection. Munis Self Service offers a high degree of flexibility to:

  • Customize the Self Service website to your organization’s needs.
  • Determine what information to make available to various user and constituent groups.
  • Allow citizens and vendors to register online.
  • Choose between self-hosting or our hosted module, where Tyler hosts all of your hardware and software from our state-of-the-art data center.

Benefits of Using Munis Self Service Software

  • Reduced employee time spent on data entry and responding to routine requests for information.
  • Lowered overhead and paper and printing costs.
  • Increased employee, citizen and vendor satisfaction with services.

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