Munis Tax Billing & Collection

Munis Tax Billing and Collection Software

Deliver efficient, effective service.

With Munis Tax Billing and Collection, you can streamline your tax billing and collection departments — while providing consistent and efficient service to your citizens. Delivering state-specific applications, Munis helps you manage the entire tax billing and collection process from CAMA imports and bill generation to collections. Tyler empowers tax billing and collection departments to provide consistent and efficient service to their citizens.

Munis applications are specifically designed to handle the unique processes associated with Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, Personal Property, and Delinquent Taxes.

Benefits of Munis Citizen Services & Revenue

  • Provides real-time insight into business processes for strategic decision-making.
  • Improves operational efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Creates consistency of data and processes.
  • Our Munis Self Service application capitalizes on the power of the Internet to:
    • Extend your business hours.
    • Provide convenient 24/7 access.
    • Alleviate citizens' routine requests for information.
    • Reduce paper usage.
    • Save citizens' and your staff time.
    • Reduce carbon emissions, as citizens no longer have to commute to receive services.
  • A central ID file, through Munis Central Property, allows clients to view activity for multiple Munis applications on a single screen and process payments for multiple services in a single transaction.
  • Employs Munis MapLink for general mapping and spatial analysis tools with GIS data.
  • Abridged, user-friendly views and access to data via the Role-Tailored Dashboard.
  • Complete integration with Tyler's electronic document management system.
  • Integrate flexible form delivery across your organization with various output destinations through print, fax, e-mail and archive TylerForms Output Solutions.
  • Centralizes the collection process, creating a single point of entry for data from multiple applications with Tyler Cashiering.