Munis Technology

Technology with a Purpose, Integration with Ease

Harness the power of Munis technology to meet your challenges of your office, while maximizing the value of your enterprise resource planning system today — and over the long term. Our Munis software solution delivers an unmatched breadth and depth of functionality and flexibility, including applications based on Microsoft® .NET, Microsoft SQL Server architecture, HTML5 and XML.

Integration with Microsoft Office

Munis was the first public sector ERP solution to provide "single-click" integration with Microsoft Office and today delivers the best features of the Office suite including:

  • Outlook for Scheduling
  • Microsoft Lync Server Integration
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Bi-directional Integration Between Munis and Excel

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Technology Layers

Munis is developed in 3 very distinct tiers. There is the Presentation Layer that defines the user interface, the Business Logic Layer that defines the core operational functionality and the Database Layer that defines how the information is stored and accessed.

This layering is extremely beneficial to our clients. Quite simply, it lets us incorporate new technologies, for instance in the Presentation Layer, without affecting the core functionality in the Business Logic Layer. This is how Tyler provides current solutions while minimizing the dips of the technology life cycle. It minimizes dips where clients are either at the cutting edge with minimal functionality or at the end of a technology’s usefulness and facing costly re-licensing.

Perpetual Upgrades and Our Evergreen Philosophy

Munis clients get industry leading technology that is continually enhanced through a perpetual upgrade process we refer to as evergreen. It is a steady stream of significant yet manageable changes deployed with minimal disruption to our clients’ operations–with no re-licensing fees and minimal changes to our core business logic. This ensures you always have the right tools to save money and work more efficiently. And this is how even the earliest Munis clients continue to use current technology and releases of Munis today, all as part of their standard maintenance agreement.

Once a client purchases Munis, it should be the last ERP system they ever have to purchase. We don’t feel they should ever have to search for a new system or pay re-licensing fees when new versions are released.

Quality Releases with Powerful Administration Tools

We are sensitive to the challenge of adopting new technologies. We strive to deploy them in a non-disruptive manner and we follow a stringent vetting process prior to adopting new technologies.
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Munis Cloud-Based Solutions

Tyler Cloud-Based SolutionsMunis is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler is committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site. Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.