Integration with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Office

Munis was the first public sector ERP solution to provide "single-click' integration with Microsoft Office and today delivers the best integration with most of the Office suite including:

Outlook for Scheduling

The calendars used in Munis are actually Outlook calendars. So, when you schedule PTO in the system, it updates your Outlook calendar. Looking at a record in Munis and have a question for a colleague? With one click you can open an e-mail that includes a link to the record in question and hit "send." We can even archive the conversation to the Tyler Content Manager system for auditing purposes. Unlike most systems, our Outlook integration doesn't end with e-mail. Most date/time-based activities can be managed directly with Outlook. Because the item is stored in Outlook/Exchange to begin with, there is no need to synchronize your ERP calendar with Exchange — there is only one version of the truth.

Microsoft Lync Server Integration

We use SharePoint and the Microsoft Lync server to provide "presence" within the Munis application. This allows you to see another person's status of "out of the office," "in a meeting," "available," or "away from desk." For instance, they could be viewing an employee record within Munis and have a question about an accrual request. The presence indicator would indicate that employee's status and provide tools to Instant Message, video chat or email right from the Munis screen.

Microsoft Word Integration

You can produce the highest quality letters, certificates and other forms using the familiar Word user interface. These documents produced via mail merge are seamlessly integrated with the Tyler Content Manager system.

Bidirectional Integration Between Munis and Excel

Our usability testing has found that users who download into Excel do so with the intention of performing analysis on the data. By providing hyperlinks that go back to the originating record in addition to raw numerical data, we allow you to sort, sum and perform other functions on the data and still have the navigation of the hyperlink. Imagine being able to download your budget and expenses into Excel, use Excel formulas to arrive at your budget request for next year and then upload that information to the budget module. Munis provides this today — no imagination required.

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