Munis Product Suite


Effective and efficient collection and billing process is critical for smooth operation, and to ensure delivery of service. Munis UBCIS delivers.

Functionality includes:

  • Meter Reads & Exceptions
    • Create exception rules to automate capturing conditions for further action (meter reread, etc.)
    • Meter read exception clearing process — can be linked with Service Orders
    • Manually add or clear any exception
    • Automatically create service orders after importing reads using flexible exception rule setup
  • Generate single bill runs (based on AR Category), or include multiple AR categories in a single bill run; option to combine multiple bill runs into a single bill print
  • Accommodates Consumption, Flat-Rate, Based on Other, Assessment, Installment Agreement, Final, and Miscellaneous billings
  • Handheld interface run independent to billing to accommodate exceptions or warnings for action prior to billing. Supports most major handheld vendor import and export files
  • Supports multiple active billing cycles
  • Credit transfer/apply deposit/reversal functionality within or outside of bill run
  • Inter-department billings can auto create and adjust bills instead of sending a physical bill — Journal entries are made in lieu of cash payment
  • Billing adjustments utilizes workflow approvals to enforce maximum adjustment values
  • Postal certification routine using Tyler forms
  • Post a reading after completing a Service Order and hold to process the final bill at a later date
  • Define a budget figure (that you can redefine) for scheduling regular payments from specific customers. Budget cycles work on a countdown system; the last cycle includes automatic “settle up”
  • Prints Delinquent Notices with user-defined text and post late fees and interest automatically. Mail merge and XML output capabilities
  • Bill print with XML capability and ability to e-mail bills

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