Flexible Setup

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Flexible Setup

Utility Maintenance is an efficient one-stop program for streamlining account setup, allowing you to view current past, current and pending customers and view current or all services deposits, assessments and installments (if applicable). You can also drill down to view or maintain information at a detailed level. Additionally, you can perform account related actions — set-up multiple pending individuals, revert responsibility to an owner, add new individuals, services deposits and more.

Functionality includes:

  • Unlimited user defined fields at various levels
    • Account Location Master; Account Customer; Services; Assessments; Installments; Meter Inventory; Flat Inventory (Equipment)
  • Meter Inventory
    • Enhanced compound meter setup — use the same serial number for compound meters (high/low flow)
    • Mass creation of Meter Inventory records through copy option
    • Meter import interface
    • Integrated meter inventory/replacement feature lists manufacturer, meter number, test, and calibration history
  • Numerous calculation methods for service types of demand meter, electric based on Other, flat charge, inventory flat, cumulative flat, meter table, sewer based on Other, sales tax, and fixed consumption
  • Rate Code set-up allows one service code with multiple rates for GL consolidation

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