Periodic Processing, Inquiries, and Reports

Munis Product Suite

Periodic Processing, Inquiries, and Reports

The Account Customer Inquiry program is a valuable tool for customer service representatives to use as a platform for account and customer-related inquiries. A central launching point with access to other key areas within UB CIS, this program offers a variety of information on an account, customer or bill level.

Functionality includes:

  • Search by account, customer, meter, or location data, and display account location, customer, billing address, recent activity, and phone numbers:
    • Summary tab displays account balance categorized by summary or charge code
    • Display deposit, current, delinquent, interest/penalty, total balance amounts displayed
    • Account Balance tab will display a summary based on services and other charges
    • Current billed tab displays most current reading and billed amounts — access detail information regarding consumption, demand, and KVAR history
    • Bills tab will provide a list of all bill records for the account and is a valuable tool to explain charges to customers
    • Reports and inquiries:
      • Bank Billing Register (EFT)
      • Consumption Reports and Analysis
      • Deposit and Budget Billing Variance lists
      • Route Worksheets
      • Budget Billing Variance List
      • Service, Exception, Aging and Account Event History
      • Lien Processing; including Transfer Delinquent to Tax and Lien Delinquent bills
    • Mail merge information with Microsoft Office templates you define to create the following (with optional MUNIS Office) including but not limited to:
      • Account Labels (to customer or service location), Back Flow Letter, Lien Delinquent Bills, Delinquent Notices and Account Event History

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