Munis Wizards

Munis Product Suite

Simplify Essential Tasks with Munis Wizards

Streamline processes and save valuable time with Munis Wizards. These helpful tools provide easy-to-follow directions to guide you step-by-step through complicated or infrequently used processes.

How Wizards Works

  • Key information is automatically pulled from the Munis database and entered into corresponding fields.
  • Instructions are provided with each step.
  • A status bar at the top of each screen tracks progress and allows users to move a step forward or back.
  • Help is available on every screen — such as local screen assistance, definitions or links to outside sources.
  • Easily return to Munis with one click.

Employee Add Wizard

The Munis Employee Add Wizard software helps you more easily manage your human resources, including adding and integrating new employee information into Munis. When you launch the wizard from Munis Recruiting, key information — such as name, birth date, hire date, default pay deductions and accruals information — is automatically entered into the correct fields. Once you hit submit, the Employee Add Wizard automatically creates employee records, assigns a unique employee number and changes the applicant's status to "hired."

W-2 Wizard

Created for any size payroll department, the Munis W-2 Wizard guides you through the time-consuming process of generating W-2s. That means you no longer have to remember how to perform each step, track changes to federal guidelines or be retrained — the Munis W-2 Wizard provides the information, the tools and the instructions for generating W-2s The Wizard even links directly to the TylerForms W-2 application, Munis technical support and IRS and Social Security Administration publications — all with a simple click.

Budget Projection Wizard

The Munis Budget Projection Wizard assists users in the creation of budget projections containing selected accounts to be used in the Next Year Budget Entry program. Multiple projection files are used to perform "what if" budget projections and to process special funds separately. A unique projection number identifies each projection file.