Munis Workflow

Munis Workflow

Automate Key Processes with Munis Workflow to Increase Productivity

Converge your critical processes to increase productivity

Munis Workflow helps you automate essential processes, such as the flow of approvals, notifications and tasks. Developed based on Tyler’s 30 years of industry experience and feedback from our clients, Munis Workflow management software ensures the right people carry out the right tasks. The result — improved communication, streamlined processes and increased productivity.

A Unique Approach to Workflow

Munis Workflow is designed to be a natural extension of your day-to-day functions. With 115 template business rules right out of the box, there’s no coding or programming needed to set up, use or modify workflow processes. You can also tailor the rules to work the way your organization does by defining:

  • How each task is structured.
  • Who performs each task.
  • The order tasks are performed.
  • How approvals or re-routing is handled.

Intelligent Approvals and Notifications

Designed with intelligent triggers, such as data or time-based events, each action or event in Munis may launch an infinite number of workflow processes, depending on key field data.

Once a process is triggered, advanced "push" technology alerts users when action is needed. Dynamic alerts and notifications are sent to the user’s e-email, can be viewed on the Munis Role-Tailored Dashboard and are sent to the Munis Workflow Assistant. Users can review and authorize a request anytime and from any computer.

Five Steps to Advanced Workflow with Munis

  • Design — Link together icons representing workflow components using the graphical user interface to build and modify workflow processes.
  • Create — Choose from pre-defined business rule and approval types and tailor them to meet your unique processes.
  • Manage — Monitor and run all workflow processes from the Workflow Command Center. Use dynamic task lists to track all tasks associated with a specific workflow process and monitor related actions.
  • Measure — Capture workflow metrics in real time. Generate reports immediately or schedule for a future time or at recurring intervals.
  • Audit — Access complete workflow histories to measure process compliance. Track the status of important tasks, find "missing" work or re-route actions to another user.

Benefits of Munis Workflow

Get the most out of your management workflow software with Munis Workflow:

  • Take the work out of day-to-day processes.
  • Ensure tasks are carried out by the right people.
  • Get more work done in less time.
  • Gain easier access to data.
  • Reduce paper and printing costs.
  • Analyze worker productivity.
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • Reduce required staff training of processes.