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TylerForms Output Solutions — Workflow Management Software with a Proven ROI

Maximize your results with this total output solution.

Streamline your workflow and maximize your return on investment with TylerForms software. TylerForms helps you reduce paper handling, shift employee focus from paperwork to operational efficiency and lower overhead.

Enhance Return Across the Board

With TylerForms you can streamline all of your essential functions, such as:

  • Enhance Accuracy — TylerForms are reliable — arriving on time, every time across your organization.
  • Multiple Delivery Options — TylerForms enables your office to deliver forms by fax, print, and e-mail. Automated document delivery significantly reduces non-delivery errors.
  • Reduce Form Inventory Stock — TylerForms enables you to change banks without absorbing check-stock — printing to blank stock eliminates pre-print costs and any security issues.
  • Lower Labor Costs — TylerForms eliminates the manual work of printing and folding documents, inserting into envelopes, applying postage, delivering to the appropriate location and mailing.
  • Protect the Environment — TylerForms reduces consumable supply costs and environmental impact, including significantly decreased usage of printer toner, paper and envelopes.
  • Reduce Forms Delivery Costs — Electronic handling of forms outbound traffic eliminates manual delivery costs.

Reduction at Work: Payroll Savings

If you regularly print and distribute direct deposits to multiple locations, TylerForms e-mailing feature will create tremendous savings in processing, distribution and mailing costs, while improving the overall security and efficiency of your direct deposit printing process.

For an organization with 500 or more employees with bi-weekly pay periods, it can take your personnel 6–10 personnel hours to distribute and deliver the direct deposit advice to all employees. Assuming an average national wage for payroll personnel, the switch to TylerForms processing can gain this example organization an average cost savings of over $4,000 in the first year alone.

Measuring Your Return

How can you determine your cost savings? Measure the time it takes to distribute your forms, including ancillary costs that may include the risks of delays. Multiply it by your employees’ wages, and you’ll see how much TylerForms will save you in time — and money. TylerForms also improves the overall security and efficiency of your printing processes. Simplify your printing, gain dependable document delivery and enhance security. Other measures you can factor into your overall ROI include:

  • Measure the costs saving of reducing and by eliminating paper usage.
  • Document the time savings and improved efficiency of your staff.
  • Calculate the time and effort saved by replacing the current printing process
  • Measure the manual form distribution time against the more efficient electronic exchange of forms.
  • Determine the number of people involved in your operations and calculate how many dollars are saved.
  • List the benefits of having greater control over processes.
  • Evaluate money saved on postage, handling, faxing and overnight courier costs.

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