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Tyler Cashiering for New World ERP

Designed to streamline cashiering for public sector agencies

With its intuitive interface, Tyler Cashiering was designed to completely streamline cashiering for local government and public administration organizations. This scalable application centralizes the collection process, creating a single point of entry for data from multiple applications, while allowing for a wide range of customization based on payment type.

Tyler Cashiering is versatile, integrating with local resources, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and handheld bar code scanners, printers, and validators, as well as magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) devices. With a standard interface to New World ERP and other Tyler products, there is also the potential to connect to third-party systems as well.

Tyler Cashiering relies on its own database for storing cashiering activity and configuration data. The database is updated by each cashiering station, creating a centralized location for query, research and audit activity for all transactions. This provides exceptional access to cross-system collection totals.

Security Compliance
Tyler Cashiering offers secure credit card processing features, and is compliant with the payment card industry/ payment application data security standard (PCI/PA-DSS). Additionally, it offers full compliance with the federal Check 21 Act that allows for creation of an electronic cash letter containing images of checks to be submitted to a bank in lieu of a traditional deposit with paper checks.

And Tyler Cashiering version 3.1 allows clients to take advantage of Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) technology standards — better known as smart chip credit cards — to improve the security of transactions and reduce the incidence of fraud.

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