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Protecting and serving more than 40,000,000 citizens

Fast, easy access to information and workflow that uses time more efficiently creates better public safety agencies. New World Public Safety was developed from the ground up to be a completely integrated suite of software. It provides accurate and secure information for dispatchers, officers in the field, firefighters, EMS, corrections officers and command staff. New World Public Safety information flows effortlessly between all applications, ensuring that mission critical data entered into the system is easily and securely available at a moment’s notice.

One of the benefits of having New World Public Safety in a multi-jurisdictional format is that we have a centralized location to manage our data so we are all reporting things the same way, and we are providing information to the public in the same way.

– Thomas Dull, Information Systems Coordinator 
Madison, Wisconsin

What Clients Say

Watch and listen to Richard Hall, Chief of Police for the Germantown, Tennessee Police Department, describe the benefits of upgrading to a new platform that allowed his department to get the most out of their applications.

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Agencies Benefit with New World

Agencies who use New World Public Safety solutions

  • Decrease response times
  • Increase safety for citizens and officers
  • Reduce data entry
  • Streamline reporting
  • Enhance communication
  • Use business intelligence to make informed decisions
  • Take advantage of integrated fire and EMS solutions.

The Call Public Safety Blog

The Call features true stories from dispatchers, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel who use New World public safety software to help them save lives, protect communities, and increase efficiency.

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Technology Matters

When it comes to public safety solutions, technology matters as much as functionality. New, better technology keeps long-term costs down and performance high. It can also help your agency improve efficiency and public safety. Tyler’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry requirements has prompted us to invest in leading technologies to provide our clients:

  • A tightly unified product suite, developed by a dedicated team, providing accurate and secure information across all disciplines for dispatchers, officers in the field, firefighters, EMS, corrections officers and more.
  • A solid software foundation with extensive functionality leveraging the best technology solutions, including Microsoft® and ESRI® to keep administration and maintenance to a minimum and maximize reporting capabilities, mapping and more.
  • A flexible, scalable and reliable solution using service oriented architecture (SOA) built on a Microsoft.NET foundation, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of single and multi-jurisdictional public safety agencies.
  • Maximum interoperability and adherence to industry standards (e.g., GJXDM, NIEM) enable agencies to share information across jurisdictional lines and use mission-critical, third-party applications.
  • Stability and high availability, using a best practice approach to providing a stable environment and redundancy, because public safety agencies must rely on their solutions 24/7.

Evergreen Perpetual Licensing

You expect your technology investments to deliver a solid return today and over the long term. That’s why Tyler is committed to providing you with the most current technology available, while protecting and extending your initial investment through predictable pricing and reliable performance.

As part of your maintenance agreement you get the benefit of perpetual upgrades, as they happen, and without additional license fees. Upgrades and the newest technology are scheduled, convenient, and easy to learn, ensuring that your organization continues to operate the way they want to with full support from Tyler.

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Tyler Alliance

Tyler Leads the Way in Integrating Criminal Justice Systems

Tyler offers the most complete integrated end-to-end criminal justice solution on the market today — Tyler Alliance.

Tyler Alliance seamlessly connects Tyler products, enables them to operate more collaboratively and securely, and shares data via connection points across multiple applications. 

New World Public Safety integrates with Brazos, Incode Court, Odyssey Jail Manager and SoftCode.

Contact us to find how to put Tyler Alliance to work for you.