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Ensuring greater accuracy and consistency during the self-represented litigant filing process

With the number of self-represented or pro se litigants increasing, courts are responding by improving access to justice and making courts more user-friendly. Courts recognize that providing more self-service channels for litigants, including information and tools to help them understand how to start a case and move it forward through each phase, which not only improves court efficiency, but also strengthens the promise of "justice for all."

While making justice accessible, judges and court staff must also keep up with the business of the court and not get bogged down with improperly prepared filings and unprepared litigants. Odyssey Guide & File allows courts to develop their own interview process and electronic forms in order to simplify the filing process for self-represented litigants while adhering to the court’s filing rules.

Self-represented litigants can easily file divorces, evictions, small claims and other cases online — without waiting in long lines or visiting your counter. Odyssey Guide & File allows the filing community to generate and e-file their legal documents. Self-represented litigants simply complete the interview, generate forms and submit the filing either electronically, at the counter, or via mail.

Odyssey File & Guide Case Summary

By providing self-help tools like Odyssey Guide & File, your court empowers people to solve their own problems while improving the public’s trust and confidence in the judicial system. This benefits the court through smoother case flow and increased quality of information presented to judges.

Interview Creation Made Simple
Easily develop interviews that extend the business rules of your court, and provide relevant, informative content that can result in a reduction of erroneous filings and less staff time answering pro se questions. As a cloud-based solution, self-guided interviews can be published and accessed from your website, providing flexibility for self-represented litigants to complete the interview anytime, from anywhere. Interviews can be branded with the custom colors and graphics unique to your court.

As an authoring tool, Odyssey Guide & File allows you to draft and manage interview components — informative content, legal PDF forms and interviews. To create a new interview, simply browse through the library of interviews already created to find the one that most closely suits your needs, and use it as a starting point.

Odyssey File & Guide Case Informationl

Seamless Integration with E-Filing
Odyssey Guide & File integrates seamlessly with Odyssey File & Serve. This translates to a greater number of filings entering the court electronically and results in the elimination of paper. Once in Odyssey File & Serve, the clerk reviews the filing and the case information is populated into the jurisdiction’s case management system (CMS), providing secure access to both the court and the filer. Learn more about Odyssey File & Serve »

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