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Odyssey SessionWorks Judge Edition

Odyssey Judge Edition

Put essential case information at your fingertips

As a judge, you rely on immediate access to the precise information you need, exactly when you need it. A stack of case files and a mountain of paperwork are things of the past with the latest innovation from the market leader in integrated justice solutions. Odyssey Judge Edition condenses paper-chaos into information-ease, all through a software solution that's lightning fast and easy to use.

Given the volume of data you need to access, it's critical that you have the most reliable, up-to-date information possible. That's why we have designed a special version of Odyssey just for judges. This powerful solution transforms what was once a chaotic paper trail, often stored in stacks of folders, into a seamless, easy-to-use electronic solution. Judge Edition delivers:

Odyssey SessionWorks Judge Edition
  • Touch-screen capabilities — Simply touch, scroll, scan and click to access your key information.
  • Easy to Use — Gives you the option of how to navigate your data, including a highly intuitive touch-screen or more traditional mouse and keyboard.
  • Built for Speed — Immediate access to comprehensive electronic case files.
  • Comprehensive — Integrates with Odyssey Case Manager to give you access to the full scope of your information instantly from the bench.
  • Powerful and Secure — Built upon Tyler’s robust technology platform and designed to protect your critical information, as configurable security settings are built in.

Tyler Excellence
Award Winners

Established to highlight the innovative and efficient use of our products, as well as to share successes with their peers, winners are recognized at our annual conferences.

2015 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners for Texas
At the Odyssey 2015 User Conference in Dallas the following winners were announced:

  • Williamson County  JP Court, Pct. 3 
  • Travis County JP Courts
  • Cameron County 

Download the 2015 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners for Texas profiles to learn more »


Integration from Every Angle

As an application that works seamlessly with Odyssey Case Manager and Odyssey Clerk Edition, Odyssey Judge Edition not only pulls from a wealth of case and defendant information. But it also organizes the data intuitively according to the needs of the bench, which as you know, must access and view information at the speed of the courtroom.

  • Essential case information at your fingertips.
    • Defendants' demographic information.
    • All charges and all documents related to the case.
    • And much more.
  • Data navigation from your perspective.
    • Bookmark vital documents for instant retrieval.
    • Enter and attach notes at any point.
    • User-customizable online workspace.
  • Security and connectivity ensures performance and protection.
    • Security is built directly into the system architecture.
    • Data redundancy ensures full functionality even if network connectivity fails.

Powerful Results

Judge Edition is so intuitive and easy to use that little-to-no training is required. Given the pace at which things move today, you simply cannot afford to be slowed down by low-performing software or critical data hidden under layers of cryptic organization. With Odyssey Judge Edition, you have all of the essential data and tools you need to deliver reliable results to the people you serve.

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