Orion Appraisal

Orion Appraisal

Handle all your essential appraisal functions from one convenient interface.

Offices of all sizes can enjoy the flexibility and functionality of the highly integrated Orion Appraisal solution. This browser-based application enables you to quickly and easily track, modify and add detailed property and party information through two comprehensive record types. Featuring a comprehensive, tightly integrated and easy-to-use property management product center, with Orion, everything you need is within reach.

Convenient tabs separate information into logically organized sections, including those for property type, unique identifier, location, and ownership. By using the valuation function, you can easily compile, list and analyze detailed information to easily establish a property value. That means you can save time and work more efficiently.

Party records include information on an individual, business, corporation, group and other party — such as an owner, lender or builder/contractor — or an agent appointed to represent the interest of the owner regarding tax appraisal and taxation. Plus, property and party records can easily be linked, so users always have access to complete information.

Manage Property and Party Information with Ease

Orion Appraisal includes standard sets of data entry pages and calculations for a wide variety of appraisal practices. Fully customizable, these entry pages and calculations are ideal for any jurisdiction that needs an appraisal system, as they can adjust to your specific business practices. By customizing data entry pages for a site, you can help staff improve efficiency and productivity.


Orion can replicate an existing valuation system or change as the appraisal office evolves in the future.

  • Cost: Calculations can replicate existing methodology, Marshall & Swift integration is provided for all improvement types, and valuation tables are easily accessible to appraisal staff.
  • Income: Multiple types of modeled income are available, including direct capitalization, mortgage-equity, and gross rent multipliers. Actual income data can be entered on secured data entry pages. Income calculations based on actual income data are fully available.
  • Comparable Sales: Orion supports comparable sales for residential and commercial properties, and multiple regression analysis (MRA) is an integral part of the system. Further, MRA can be used as a direct estimate of value. MRA coefficients can be used as adjustments in the sales comparison approach. Sales ratio studies can provide comparative statistical results for cost and comparable sales or cost and MRA in a single report.

Exemption processing in Orion allows for business rules, data fields and calculations to be customized for each exemption type. Homestead exemptions, exemption caps, partial exemptions, tax increment financing and tax abatement incentives are fully supported.

Appeal processing options allow for the definition of appeal levels for each jurisdiction, including before and after values at each appeal level, and provides correspondence and exhibit tracking. Mass appeal processing options including adding, scheduling and reporting are available.

Mass Imports or Quick Add options are available for permits, appeals, and exemptions. Batch update of appraisal data elements is available.

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