Orion Field Mobile

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Orion Field Mobile

Sketch, capture photos and update property data in the field

The Orion Field Mobile Windows Store app fundamentally shifts how property appraisers work in the field. This integrated solution for your Orion Appraisal computer-assisted mass appraisal software is optimized for use on a tablet device running Windows® 8.1 or above. It provides appraisers with a rich interface built specifically for appraisal fieldwork.

Your Orion solution enables you to assign groups of properties to your appraisal team. The appraisers can then review each group, decide which of them to visit and, later, access the list of designated sites seamlessly in the Orion Field Mobile application.

When your appraisers are in the field, they can retrieve their group of selected properties on their tablets and then capture, verify and edit property data electronically using the Orion Field Mobile app. Once the data is collected and updated, your appraisers can transfer it seamlessly back into the Orion database.

Orion Field Mobile provides a rich, unique experience that allows appraisers to:

  • Take photos with a tablet and attach them to property records in the field
  • Reference surrounding properties in a single, spatially distributed view using interactive maps, plus access additional layers, such as satellite imagery
  • Review and update parcel characteristics, such as area sketches, using a touch-based keypad, drawing canvas and comprehensive toolset
  • Add all-new sketch elements right on the device. Orion Field Mobile also supports integration with your jurisdiction’s existing sketch software, such as Apex Sketch.
  • Customize form views for maximum flexibility and accessibility for gathering property data
  • Use validation checks to certify completion of required steps to capture all essential information for fair, accurate and up-to-date property values
  • See details, including new outbuildings, additions, patios, etc., via the aerial view

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