Orion ePayments

Orion ePayments

Seamless payment processing from beginning to end.

Manage payments easily and efficiently with Orion’s ePayment Services. As part of the Orion product suite, Tyler’s fully integrated payment processing service is a powerful and flexible tool that enables organizations to accept credit and debit cards online via the Web. All fees are automatically managed through Orion ePayment Services.

Services include:

  • Real-time online payment processing through a Web-based interface via a self service model.
  • Easy processing with automated reconciliation of convenience fees.
  • Fast 48 hour settlement of funds to your choice of financial institution.
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing functionality for improved accuracy.
  • PCI-compliance to ensure private financial data is safe.
  • Support services including implementation, training and ongoing support.

Powerful Payment Processing

Tyler’s Orion ePayment Services solution enables users to comprehensively manage online payments while providing a seamless workflow process from beginning to end, thanks to Orion’s fully integrated architecture.

Making payments using credit or debit cards or electronic checks through Orion’s online Public Access module is simple and provides a highly effective tool for increasing online revenues. Your customers can also pay property taxes using this Web-based interface.

Convenience Fee Reconciliation
As payments are processed and authorized throughout the day, convenience fees are automatically calculated and distributed daily based on customer's terms.

Automatic Payment Settlement
Once the reconciliation process is complete, funds are deposited into an account at your choice of financial institution within 48 hours.

Comprehensive Reporting
To enhance auditing efficiency and accuracy, robust reporting Orion’s robust functionality enables you to pull online reports on a daily, monthly and annual basis on all transactions, deposits and other activities related to your account at varying levels within your organization.

PCI-Compliance and Security Best Practices

When customers offer their payment information, they want assurance that their account data is safe. That’s why we have created a fully integrated ePayment solution for both online and card-present transactions that is PA-DSS compliant and requires no PCI validation from customers. Using Tyler’s payment solution, your servers and networks will never process, transmit or store any unencrypted card data — therefore removing them from the scope of any PCI audit.

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