Orion Tax Billing & Collections


Orion Tax Billing & Collections

Full integration means full efficiency.

Keep your tax collections running on time and on track with Orion Collections. This fully integrated system quickly and easily processes bills, payments, property and party information. With Orion’s easy-to-use Web interface, users can quickly and easily track detailed property maintenance, tax notification, and tax fund collection information through three comprehensive record types.

Fees & Finances records contain the core options of Orion Collections and are where you will spend most of your time. Here, you can also track and process bills, payments and adjustments related to the property tax collections process — as well as track property fees and maintain till deposits. All financial information is secure and up-to-date.

Property records include information on real property, personal property, special inventory, mobile homes and mineral interests. Convenient tabs separate information into logically organized sections, including those for property type, unique identifier, location and ownership.

Party records include information on an individual, business, corporation, group, other party — such as an owner, lender, or builder/contractor — or an agent appointed to represent the interest of the owner regarding tax appraisal and taxation. Property and party records can easily be linked, so users always have access to complete information.

Manage Collections Information with Ease

Using Orion Assistant’s Web-based user portal, Orion Collections features the same look and feel of the Web browsers your team uses everyday — making navigation intuitive. Orion Collections is designed to streamline repetitive tasks, maximize efficiencies and organize complex data into useful information with ease. Plus, it’s easily configurable to the needs of collections offices of any size.

Orion Collections features include:

  • Title bar, menu bar, navigation menu, and product center links for easy navigation and logical workflows.
  • Consistent naming conventions and color schemes for intuitive navigation.
  • Quick-key short cuts make data entry a breeze.
  • Roll-over ToolTips provide on-the-spot assistance.
  • Version tracking that allows users to monitor additions, deletions and updates to records.
  • Tax Certificate creation and tracking tools for individual requests or batch requests from title companies.
  • Automated event tracking.
  • Electronic payment importing for credit cards, mortgage companies, remittance processing and more.
  • Barcode integration for tax statements and payments.
  • Detail and summary reports designed with administrators, auditors and taxing jurisdictions in mind.
  • Automated report scheduling, which allows daily and monthly reports to be generated and delivered via e-mail without ever lifting a finger.

Users can also attach documents — such as Microsoft® Word documents, photos, PDFs or other images — to individual records, ensuring that records are complete and up to date.

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