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What Clients Say

With our SoftCode system, we finally have the accuracy and accountability I need to track cases. CivilServe gives me updated service statistics with just a few clicks.

– Lieutenant José Gonzales,
Palm Beach County, Florida

I was impressed by how fast the SoftCode system was successfully implemented. The quality of the support offered throughout the process made my job so much easier.

– Lisa A. Muscato,
Civil Process Deputy Director,
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Our upgrade to Civil Serve is one of the best business decisions we've made. Manual processes, which were time consuming and tediuous, have been automated, saving significant staff hours.

– Marianne Hinchee,
Legal Process Supervisor,
Marin County, California

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SoftCode Civil Process Software

SoftCode offers the most effective, flexible and scalable civil process software available.

With more than 20 years’ experience serving more than 100 counties, we understand every jurisdiction has unique civil process needs. Tyler’s SoftCode™ product suite — CivilServe, CivilMobile, CivilView and SalesWeb — is the market leader in civil processing software. SoftCode’s comprehensive capabilities and flexible configuration help civil departments nationwide execute civil processing more efficiently and more effectively.

From document receipt through service, payment process and final closeout, SoftCode is a sophisticated, yet simple solution that adapts to the unique needs of your jurisdiction — from business processes to state reporting requirements. Detailed audit and security features allow you to see which information changed, when and by whom. Meanwhile, true double-entry accounting and a high- performance relational database ensure financial reports are accurate and always available. 

Integrated Product Suite

SoftCode Integrated Product SuiteCivilServe enables civil departments to track a document from the court to service attempts and final execution payments. Our core product offers the speed, security and performance to handle high volume data entry with fast, accurate retrieval, while reducing the time spent on labor-intensive processes by creating correspondence, reconciling financials and printing checks. CivilServe is a highly configurable system capable of handling the needs of civil departments in any sheriff’s office.

CivilMobile operates on tablets and other mobile devices, making deputies more efficient by providing an easy way to update service information in the field and have quick access to additional case information. Information entered in CivilMobile is immediately available to clerks in the civil office via CivilServe — avoiding duplication of effort and reducing the likelihood of errors.

CivilView is a secure website that allows attorneys to log in 24/7 and access up to date service and financial information for their cases as well as pertinent documents. CivilView reduces attorney phone calls to the civil department, making it a time and resource saving feature for both the sheriff’s office and for attorneys.

SalesWeb allows sheriff’s departments to publish sheriff sale information to a website that can be viewed by the public. Property sale information can be updated automatically and as often as required.

Tyler Alliance

Tyler Leads the Way in Integrating Criminal Justice Systems

Tyler offers the most complete integrated end-to-end criminal justice solution on the market today — Tyler Alliance.

Tyler Alliance seamlessly connects Tyler products, enables them to operate more collaboratively and securely, and shares data via connection points across multiple applications. 

SoftCode integrates with Odyssey. Integration with New World Public Safety is planned.

Contact us to find how to put Tyler Alliance to work for you.

A Partner You Can Count On

Our extremely knowledgeable support staff have years of experience in civil process systems, allowing them to address the unique requirements of your county. Our support staff is completely U.S.-based and we are committed to providing your county a superior level of civil system support. Learn more about Tyler Client Services »

As a Fortune 500 company, Tyler has the resources to invest in SoftCode for the long term. That means continuous improvement of the software, training of support personnel on changes to civil process regulations and the best systems and technology to support you.

Evergreen Perpetual Licensing

When you purchase software solutions from Tyler, you aren’t just getting the latest software of the date you sign your contract. You are also getting the benefit of perpetual upgrades, as they happen, delivered without additional license fees.

Learn more about perpetual licensing »

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose SoftCode

  • Comprehensive – Handles summons, subpoenas, garnishments, property executions, foreclosures, warrants, protection orders and more
  • Flexible – Configured to meet your specific civil processing needs
  • Simple to Use – Intuitive design that incorporates your terminology
  • Personalized – Edit correspondence templates as needed
  • Transaction Oriented – Effortlessly track and manage the who, what, where and when of all transactions using barcode scanners
  • Data Driven – Quickly compile service statistics, balancing, activity, financials
  • Integrated – Complete solution — CivilView, CivilMobile and Sales Web work seamlessly together 
  • Compatible – Open architecture simplifies integration
  • Affordable – Priced to work within your budget
  • Easy to Implement – Your system can be up and running in as few as three months

Tyler Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

SoftCode is also available as a cloud-based solution. 

Tyler remains committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site. Our flexible approach allows us to respond to your needs while delivering the most efficient and secure products and services possible. 

Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.