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Greenbelt Police Keep Apartment Community Safe from Active Shooter
Greenbelt Police Keep Apartment Community Safe from Active Shooter

In the spring of 2016, officers from the Greenbelt Police Department responded to a call citing shots fired in an apartment complex.

According to Sergeant Tim White, the initial information only included the fact that there was a man with a gun and he had fired shots from his balcony. When the address of the shooting was provided, officers were able to quickly identify more information about the situation by accessing premise history information in their records management system via their mobile data terminals.

White said this premise history information helped officers know they were responding to a situation involving a man with mental health issues.

"We were able to tell immediately what situations we'd had at the location previously, who the individual was, what he looked like, and who his closest relatives were," White said. "Our system helps us piece together a lot of this information, which ultimately helps us to resolve situations."

By identifying the shooter, they were able to isolate the individual apartment where the shooter was located within the complex and evacuate other residents quickly and safely.

Sergeant Tim White Discusses Shooting

White explained that if information sharing regarding the premises and the occupant had not been available in their public safety software, the situation could have been much worse.

"Without our public safety software, all of the information we knew going into this situation would have come after the fact," White said. "We would have to piece everything together, and in a dynamic scenario such as this, that can take a long time."

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