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Predictive Policing Helps Prevent Crimes

All crimes leave a trail of data in their wake. Software that can identify this trail helps everyone from dispatchers to officers on patrol to stay ahead of criminals. Trends, hot spots of criminal activity, even times of day or week can be identified using public safety software.

Personnel with the Everett Police Department, located in Snohomish County, Washington, understand this and that's why they're able to crack down on criminals more so now than in the past.

For instance, when officers run a plate or perform a routine traffic stop, they can bring up photos and warrants while out in the field using the mobile portion of their public safety software. This saves time, as it keeps them from having to contact the records department or dispatch.

According to Greg Lineberry, Captain of the Everett Police Department, having the ability to serve a warrant or look at booking photos with mobile software, provides immeasurable benefits to those working the field, in dispatch and in records.

"When our officers don't have to come into the police station to look up a warrant or view photos, it saves everyone time and helps us get criminals off the streets faster," Lineberry said.

In addition to saving time, the data that is stored and used in the Everett Police Department's system helps with improving data collection and tracking trends.

Lineberry said this helps the police department move toward using more intelligence-led policing efforts, which will help keep the community safer.

Recently, the Everett Police Department was able to crack down on vehicle thefts, identity thefts, and burglaries by using the data in their system.

Lineberry said this has also helped to cut down on the crime happening in areas of the city known for gang activity and drive-by shootings.

"There is an element out there that preys upon others, and we are committed to getting them off the streets and behind bars," Lineberry said.

Through the use of public safety software, the Everett Police Department is able to better protect and serve the community.

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Photo courtesy of Everett Police Department