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Working Together to Fight Crime
Independence, Missouri
In emergency situations, it's common for law enforcement officers and fire crews to respond to the same call for service. While it may seem as though these entities perform widely different tasks, their roles are vital in numerous critical situations including responding to the same motor vehicle accident or any incident involving injuries.

How Firefighters Reduce Risk Increase Preparedness Using Technology
The Call recently sat down with Dan Stringer, a former fire captain and 12-year veteran firefighter, to discuss how technology helps fire crews reduce risk and increase preparedness when responding to fire emergencies.

40 Burglary Cases Closed Through Connecting Data
Clovis, California
Crime never has a problem crossing jurisdictional boundaries. California's Central Valley is made up of several cities, one of which is the city of Fresno. With more than 500,000 residents, this heavily-populated city has the second-highest property crime rate in the county. It also shares a border with the community of Clovis, which has one of the lowest crime rates in the valley.

Lightning Strike Causes Six-Alarm Fire in Rural Oregon
Marion County, Oregon
What started off as a warm summer day in August of 2013 ended in a series of emergencies when severe thunderstorms with heavy lightning moved in over Marion County, Oregon.
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Dispatchers Mobilize in Aftermath of Massive Pileup
Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
It was Feb. 13, 2016, when one of Pennsylvania's worst multi-vehicle accidents occurred on Interstate 78. The accident happened in Lebanon County when a band of snow squalls generated hazardous driving conditions on an otherwise sunny winter morning. These squalls, along with the accompanying 40 mph wind gusts, resulted in white-out conditions.
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First Responders Arrive on Scene Faster with Better Navigation Tools
Douglas County, Colorado Sheriff's Office
Imagine a life-threatening situation where an individual has trouble breathing and needs medical assistance. Like most emergencies, time is of the essence, but in situations where an individual is having difficulty breathing, a fast response is even more critical. Read more »

How Law Enforcement Uses Big Data for Safer Communities
The Call recently sat down with Jeremy Summers, an implementation analyst who trains public safety professionals on how to use intelligence and analytical reporting tools. Summers discussed how these tools help crime analysts, command staff and officers conceptualize the data they collect, store and use to reduce and prevent crime.Read more »

Saving Lives with CAD Technology
El Cajon, California
Using public safety software technology, dispatchers and first responders were able to locate injured uncommunicative individuals within minutes. Without this technology and the quick response by first responders, these stories could have ended tragically. Read more »

A Deadly Terrorist Attack: Lessons Learned
San Bernardino Police Department, California
On December 2, 2015 more than 80 county public health employees in San Bernardino, CA were attending a training session at the Inland Regional Center. They didn't know it at the time, but what they were about to experience was one of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since September 11, 2001. Read more »

One Dead, Dozens Saved in 3-Alarm Fire
Snohomish County
Four minutes doesn't seem like much time to most people, but for dispatchers, every minute can mean the difference between life and death. Read more »

Police and Dispatchers Work Together to Capture Criminals in Greenbelt
Greenbelt Police Department, Maryland
When a 9-1-1 call for service comes in to a communication center, first responders move quickly to provide the necessary help. Read more »

Tattoos Help Public Safety Officials Identify Bodies
Kankakee County Sheriff's Office, Illinois
In early spring of 2016, a body was discovered in the Kankakee River by a fisherman. When law enforcement officers from the Kankakee County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene, they removed the body from the water to begin their initial attempt at identification. Read more »

Leveraging GIS Data for Faster Responses
When a call comes in to 9-1-1 emergency services, dispatchers work quickly to send the fastest response possible to those in need. What many people don't realize is that response times are greatly impacted by the geographic information systems (GIS) mapping capabilities of each public safety answering point (PSAP). Read more »

What is Next Generation 911?
Very broadly, NG 9-1-1 (which is typically what we call Next Generation 911) is an initiative driven by NENA, which is the National Emergency Number Association, aimed at updating 9-1-1 services to accommodate for a growing wireless society. Read more »