Tax Assessment

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Tax-Wise Tax Assessment

Save hours of work processing and tracking tax assessment information

Tax-Wise Tax Assessment saves you time and money by tracking your jurisdiction’s property assessments, market values and taxable values. While Tax Assessment excels in producing accurate and timely reports, it is also flexible enough to accommodate any special tax assessment your agency may possess.

Tax Assessment automatically calculates taxable values based on state classification codes entered into the system, then produces summary reports based on parcel number, levy district, class code, special improvement district and fund when you need them.

The Tax-Wise Tax Assessment software module:

  • Allows for automatic creation of assessment notices
  • Permits user-defined valuation types
  • Provides multiple legal code descriptions for each assessor number with unlimited free-form legal description
  • Offers multiple valuations per legal code
  • Generates multiple reports including the County Tax Roll, County Assessment List and Assessment Recap Report by class and class codes
  • Enables electronic transfer of data directly from the state Department of Revenue
  • Delivers powerful lookup and inquiry features by name, assessor number, tax year, address and more.

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