Tax Billing & Collection

EnerGov Licensing & Regulatory Management Software

Tax-Wise Tax Billing

Streamline billing procedures and save time

Tax-Wise Tax Billing is user-friendly and flexible enough to accommodate whatever special billing methods your agency may use. The automated billing, collection, cash distribution and reporting functions have the potential to return hundreds of hours in savings from streamlined procedures alone.

Tax Billing takes your operations to the next level by generating bills for personal property, mobile homes, real estate and gross proceeds either separately or together. Liens and notices for taxpayers, unassessed owners and mortgage holders can also be generated, including posting routines for cash, abatements, accrued interest and penalties.

Accounts within Tax Billing can be searched by assessor number, multiple owner names and "also known as" names, and it handles single or multiple taxing districts and tax types.

The Tax-Wise Tax Billing software module:

  • Permits user-defined valuation types, property types, classes, special improvement districts and miscellaneous charges
  • Provides automatic billing calculation
  • Calculates interest payoff
  • Processes tax liens and notices
  • Allows for unlimited multiple owners per parcel
  • Provides for automatic notification of past due taxes
  • Handles single or multiple taxing districts
  • Retains history of previous owners, sales data and valuation amounts
  • Shows all properties owned with associated dates on name inquiries
  • Processes and tracks protest payments
  • Distributes protested payments upon resolution quickly and easily
  • Accepts electronic payment files
  • Integrates with Tyler’s Infinite Vision software solution
  • Integrates with third-party general ledger software programs
  • Integrates with third-party remittance processing companies.

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