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Delivering savings with scalable, affordable student transportation management software

At Tyler, we embarked on a mission to transform student transportation operations and deliver real savings — helping schools meet their challenges head on and put more money back into the classroom. The result of this mission is Traversa.

What makes Traversa different?

Traversa is a comprehensive program which includes functionality for routing, fleet maintenance, activity trips, along with many other functions all built from the beginning as one system. No other student transportation solution today offers this kind of all-inclusive, fully-integrated functionality.

Traditionally, transportation software has been offered piecemeal, with different interfaces, different data sources, and different requirements for training and installation. Traversa offers a seamless user experience.

  • Route buses
  • Plan event trips
  • Track work orders
  • Schedule fleet maintenance
  • Track GPS data
  • And more — all within the same unified system!

Traversa My Areas and My Views

Scalable and Affordable Based on Your Needs

Traversa provides a basic, light, but still comprehensive transportation management solution to districts with limited needs and limited budgets. Traversa is affordable based on the requirements of your district, not some cookie cutter system. Traversa’s design will also allow us to offer enhanced functionality to districts that make greater demands on their transportation departments.

Esri Mapping System

The Esri®-based mapping system interfaces with third party data providers which can show traffic flow, construction projects, city planning, evacuation routes, weather, and more. You can select a bus stop and zoom in to inspect the streetscape for possible safety issues. Traversa even helps you respond to change. If a bridge washes out, you can quickly find an alternate path and print the new directions for your drivers to use the next morning.

Traversa Vehicle Location

Take Advantage of the Latest Advances in Technology

If you're used to seeing software that feels dated, bogged down, and inefficient, then Traversa will blow you away. Built using HTML5, Traversa is touch-friendly and fully functional on a standard tablet. You can pinch to zoom and access different layers of Esri map data, all on your mobile device. You can even edit routes with a simple touch. The interface is equally intuitive for PC users, and as it is web based, it can be accessed from work, home, or anywhere else you need. Your work can go where you do.

Cloud-Based for Low-Cost Implementation

We make it easy to transition to Traversa: you don't need to purchase new equipment or hire an IT specialist. Traversa is a cloud-based service supported by Tyler experts. We convert your data, help verify your maps, provide training and data security — even disaster recovery, at no additional cost.

What Clients Say

Cook Illinois Corporation uses Traversa as a cost-effective and easy-to-implement transportation solution for their smaller clients.

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