Tyler CAFR Statement Builder

Tyler CAFR Statement Builder

Tyler CAFR Statement Builder

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Tyler CAFR Statement Builder simplifies the development of your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) defines the new reporting model for all governmental entities. Tyler CAFR Statement Builder is embedded with GASB rules and assists you with every step involved in the reporting process.

Tyler CAFR Statement Builder helps you create audit-ready CAFR statements and schedules while streamlining the process from year to year. It acts as a conduit for posting adjustments to bring data from modified to full accrual level. The most common adjustments are organized by reconciliation group and any number of these can be used. Additionally, an unlimited number of free-form governmental and business-type entries can be created. All adjustments are compiled in custom reconciliation reports and a full audit trail is automatically created as entries are made.

Tyler CAFR Statement Builder is your tool to produce a full range of statements and supporting schedules that you may have previously relied on your auditor to create.The process of creating statements is streamlined to a few simple steps including importing data, entering adjustments and assigning accounts to account groups, which carried forward year after year saves you time. With your statements in place, outside auditors are able to perform true audit functions.

Tyler CAFR Statement Builder Features

  • Easy to use modern user interface
  • Extensive audit trail
  • Multi-year and agency capability
  • Complete control over assignments of accounts to report level
  • System-defined templates include all required reporting rules
  • Customizable templates
  • Microsoft Excel® reporting engine
  • Extensive reporting options including MD&A, government-wide, combining, comparative and statistical reports
  • Customized user security access
  • Multi-user and database support
  • On-premises installation or delivered as a cloud-based solution for quick, efficient set up and access anytime

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