Tyler Citizen Transparency

Tyler Citizen Transparency

Tyler Citizen Transparency

Helping you better serve citizens by putting information at their fingertips

Challenged by the 2009 Open Government Directive to implement principles of transparency, participation and collaboration, public sector agencies often struggle to effectively and efficiently provide high value information to help citizens understand how tax dollars are being used, build trust in government agencies and officials, and foster an engaged, informed citizenry. Meanwhile, citizens often have to navigate segmented and out-of-date information while the backlog of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests continues to grow.

Tyler has responded to these challenges by creating Tyler Citizen Transparency, a hosted service that integrates with your Tyler financial management solution to organize your financial data into graphs and charts allowing you to meet your constituents’ need for real numbers and clarity. Accessed directly from your agency’s Web site, it features easy-to-navigate graphics with data organized by category, department, government area, fund and vendor.

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At a Glance Features

  • Easy public access via any Internet browser
  • Dynamic data for year-to-date and historical searches
  • Transaction details for granular inquiries
  • Quick, low-cost deployment
  • Cloud-based service requires no additional hardware, IT support or training
  • Data export options via Excel, Adobe Acrobat or image files

As a cloud-based service, Tyler Citizen Transparency is easily implemented. It does not require any additional hardware investment, on-site technical support, processing fees or training.

How Tyler Citizen Transparency Works

Unlike some programs that rely on a static data snapshot, Tyler Citizen Transparency is updated weekly with your most recent closing numbers. The public can review total spending to date or dive in to see how funds are appropriated by department, which vendors receive payments in a given year, or research spending for health care and benefits. Interactive charts and graphs allow citizens to easily analyze your financial data.

Tyler Citizen Transparency features a set of standard Web pages and graphs that make your data easy to interpret. Developed in collaboration with our public sector partners, this tool will help answer frequently asked questions so you don’t have to.

Tyler Citizen Transparency also goes beyond data snapshots: it provides all transactional details for a broad range of inquiries. Information that might have taken weeks to gather now takes minutes, and can be quickly exported to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis.